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Primalix Cataractin - Now with NALC - for Cataracts in Dogs and Cats  >>BEST SELLER<<
Primalix Cataractin for Cataracts in Dogs and Cats

Primalix Cataractin - Now with NALC - for Cataracts in Dogs and Cats >>BEST SELLER<<

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Primalix CataractinTM for Cataracts in Dogs and Cats - Herbal Extract - Functional Food DropsTM - $39.95 (Regular price $49.95) - 4 oz Glycerite (Amber Glass Tincture) Contains 120 droppers full. Organic, human grade ingredients. Up to 5 times more absorption in the gut than pills, tablets or granules. Now with N-acetyl L-carnosine (NALC). Refrigerate after opening. DO NOT PUT IN EYES.
Contains the herbal constituents, antioxidants, bioflavonoids and amino acids that nourish and therefore eliminate specific essential nutrient deficiencies that have been proven in clinical trials to cause the formation of cataracts in dogs and cats.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Apple Cider Vinegar, Bilberry berries, Wheatgrass, Ginkgo Biloba, Dandelion Root, and NALC. USDA Certified Organic ingredients.

YOU GET TWICE AS MUCH: All Primalix® products contain 4 fl oz, giving you 2 to 4 times more medicine than our competitors' 1 or 2 ounce bottles that cost about the same and most likely contain harmful alcohol.
5 Stars
Miraculous Product!
This extract worked within a few weeks to completely clear our 10 year old dachschund's cloudy eyes and she can now SEE! It continues to keep them clear and give her the clarity she needs to get around. Thank you for this effective product.
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Reviewed by:  from Brooklyn. on 5/16/2013
5 Stars
Most miraculous thing I've ever seen ...
I feel like shouting the praises of your Primalix Cataractin to the whole wide world. This is the most miraculous thing I've ever seen. Within a week of giving Cataractin to my Golden, her clouded eyes cleared up enough for her to SEE her way around the house again. Going on the second week now, she continues to improve. I am so appreciative of what you people are doing for our prescious dogs and cats. Bless you!
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Reviewed by:  from Albuquerque, NM. on 4/30/2012
5 Stars
Definitely NO cataracts!!!
My daughter is an eight year old Chinese Imperial (the toy version of a Shih-tzu Imperial. She weighs 5 lbs. 1 oz and has had a hysterectomy. Cutee was running into furniture and having trouble finding her toys. I took her to a veterinary ophthalmologist who diagnosed the presence of cataracts in both eyes with 60% vision loss in one eye and 80% in the other. The ophthalmologist said surgery was the only remedy; however, his personal recommendation was to just let her vision go rather than putting her through the discomfort of wearing an Elizabethan collar for two months. "Don't rearrange your furniture and she will become accustomed to using other sensory perception. Dogs assimilate to the loss of vision more rapidly and thoroughly than humans." I immediately went on line, seeking "non-surgical treatment for canine cataracts." I found your site and ordered Cataractin. Simultaneously, I consulted with a neighbor who is a holistic medicine expert. We worked out a formula of natural herbs, including such things as spirolena and wheat grass. I also began to grow mung bean sprouts hydroponically. I supplemented her regular diet (a mixture of moist and dry dog food) with with the prescribed Cataractin and DailySure, the herbal supplement (which she loves) and have been doing this faithfully for three months. After fewer than three weeks, I noticed a marked improvement in her ability to find things, play and avoid the furniture. It has now been a bit more than three months that she has had these supplements. I have a neighbor who is an ophthalmologist of the human variety and asked him to professionally evaluate Cutee's eyes. Yesterday, he looked at her eyes with a scope. The diagnosis was, "A bit of cloudiness, but definitely NO cataracts!!! I can not attest to the change as being due 100% to the Cataractin because of the simultaneous introduction of the altered diet, but there are NO cataracts and that is, after all, what it's all about! You may print this information.
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Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 9/14/2014
5 Stars
Everything I have tried from you works!
Sammy's eyes were completely covered with a gray cloud. I have been giving him your Primalix Cataractin for 3 weeks now and already I can see half of his brown eyes again. He no longer waits for me to call him to walk in my direction. He used to bark (to echo-locate), but now he walks aroung with his sight back, like before. I can't thank you enough!
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Reviewed by:  from Glendale, AZ. on 1/5/2012
5 Stars
11 years old and her eyes are great!
Ever since our beagle mix was diagnosed with cloudy eyes at the age of 7, we have been using your Primalix Cataractin product. It has worked super at clearing up her eyes and preventing the formation of cataracts! Our dog is now 11 years old and her eyes are great! We can't thank you enough!
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Reviewed by:  from Bloomfield, CT. on 9/18/2013
5 Stars
Vet Ophthlamologist confirmed Sonny blind. Thanks to Primalix Cataractin he can now see!
Sonny our 13 year old miniature poodle would brush along objects to find his way. March 2014 A Vet Ophthalmologist confirmed completely formed cataracts. Risky surgery was not an option. March 28,2014 Sonny started Cataractin and Daily Sure. May 2014 Sonny was seeing good enough to walk around on his own. August 2014 Sonny site is really good and he is running around enjoying his freedom and us. We are in AWE and so grateful for you helping others live a better life!
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Reviewed by:  from Columbus Wisconsin. on 8/5/2014
5 Stars
Best kept secret - EVER!
How come nobody knows about this product? When you have something that works this well on such a devastating condition as cataracts in pets, the whole world needs to know about it. My Buddy owes his eyesight to your Cataractin! Thanks soooo much!
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Reviewed by:  from Clarksville, TN. on 7/7/2013
5 Stars
Barney's so happy he can see
I was skeptical as I had tried another product and he refused to take it. His sight was getting so bad that he was bumping into things and generally becoming not the happy guy he used to be. Within a week the cloudy whiteness in his eyes have cleared. He's enjoying his life so much more now. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
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Reviewed by:  from Saskatchewan, Canada. on 9/26/2014
4 Stars
Appears to be working!
It appears to be working after one month. Will continue treatment, kenji-franklin was 90% blind with cataracts and now is vaguely starting to see.
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Reviewed by:  from westmelbourne, florida. on 4/8/2017
5 Stars
I want to sing from the roof tops!
I want to sing from the rooftops! This product is brilliant! Within a number of weeks my beautiful elderly Toy Poodle can see out of one eye again, the other has been diagnosed with glaucoma, however the milky cataract over this eye is starting to disperse. I believe this will take a little longer as she has been blind in her left eye for a number of years now. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product and extremely happy to have found your wonderful site...
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Reviewed by:  from Gulf Harbour, Whangaparaoa, Auckland. on 1/7/2018

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